5 Must Have Cleaning Equipment to Have a Harmonious Home

Coming home from office with a clean house is one of the best feeling to have this world has to offer. This is true especially if you are assigned to a stressful job and you need badly a goodnight’s sleep to make up for that toxic day. It won’t be a hassle if you are living with your parents who have a housemaid to take care of the cleaning chores but what if you are all alone living independently on a dorm or an apartment? In that case, maybe you should be aware of the cleaning materials that you need and where to buy it in the Philippines.

Since not all houses need the same materials for cleaning, here are categories of cleaning equipment that you’ll need:


  1. Dusting Materials

Dusts are hard to get rid-off especially when you do are not cleaning often. This is risky especially to your health if you or other members of the family have sickness like asthma which it can cause them to have difficulty in breathing or allergies which can cause rashes on them. For dusting you’ll need to buy the following: microfiber cloth, feather duster or furniture polish.

clean feather duster
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  1. Surface Cleaners

 Get rid dust and stains! For surface cleaners, you can categorize it into two:

 For cleaning regular surfaces(kitchen surfaces, sink, and the likes), you’ll need the following: all-purpose cleaner, gloves, sponges, paper towels and cloth.

For special surfaces (table, chairs, wood furniture) where you need extra care, try using oven cleaner, dish soap, dish detergent, glass cleaner and wood furniture polish.

cleaning gloves

  1. Floor Cleaners

 Of all the parts of the house, the floor is the most used thus making it prone to dirt, spills, etc. but we all know that there are different kinds of floors that’s why we should carefully choose the cleaning materials that we will use.

Depending on your needs, here are the floor cleaning materials: Broom, Dustpan, Vacuum Cleaner, Mop, Mop Bucket, Mopping Solution for floor type, and Polish.


  1. Trash Management

Every house, big or small generates trash and waste. For trash management, you’ll need trash cans for every room, garbage bags, recycling bins and trash can for bio-degradable wastes.

clean drawer organizer
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  1.  Keeping Things in Order

Even when your house is clean, keeping it organized and in proper order is the best. For organizing things you’ll need: Storage Containers (clear, plastic, stackable, with handles), labels and filing system.

clean garbage bag lining
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